Haris Silver is a manufacturer and exporter of Bali Sterling Silver Jewelry, has been exporting handmade and casting Bali silver jewelry and customs design to countries all over the world.
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Haris Silver available for Goldplate, Goldplate Rose and Casting with your design request to us, we can customs with you order.
Our products range from rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, accessories silver jewelry.
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BC-013 Handmade Silver Sterling 925 & Hallmarked Bali Snake Design (34.4 Gr)

Material is Silver 925, For wholesale price, we give special price with minimum quantity 10 pcs, If any question please contact us to order@harisilver.com or WA: +62 82147102937



This hand-woven Padian chain tells the story of Balinese art and craftsmanship. Double-wired Grain Chain makes for significantly more traction. Strands of sterling form a flat braid that describes the Rice panicles. The inspiration for this chain style comes from the rice fields spread across the island of Bali. In Indonesian, rice is rice field hence this chain style got its name as Padian. The silver wire is stretched manually, coiled then cut to prepare the links and the links are connected by hand to make chains.